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Thoughts of love and grief on a special day

There are those days when my soul aches and time stands still. Unbelievably I moved forward in time and emotion. Who am I? Will I ever be whole until we meet again? I was Walking my path of life alone for a long time through the sunny ups and the rock hard downs. From time to time human angels crossed my way and saved my life when I needed it most. One day I understood the masterplan and your last words under the sky full of stars when the light shone behind you. I promised to be bravehearted and walk through this life. You promised to be around me whenever I needed you. We both kept our promises. Although I wasn’t too happy to come back into life, I saw that there were so many things still to do for me on this earth plane. Knowing you being proud of me, encourages me to overcome any obstacles, finding love, peace, happiness and harmony in my earthly life most days. Forgive on the others, I still miss and mourn my losses. Not only missing you, but so many beloved souls who passed over to your side of existence. Like today – on this Special day…. but a promise is a promise.

You have send me those angels in my life, I am so proud to call „friends“. This kind of soul friends I am so happy to have in my life. This friendship is rare and precious. A jewel of light has come into my life. Thank you for sending them to me completing my earthly life and giving me the feeling of being loved and understood without any boundaries or expectations  – as you did. Unconditional love being endless through space and time. Do I really deserve this? I feel blessed and gifted. No single unicorn searching for others anymore.

One day I will return forever to the stars, the sky and the light and not being a time limited spirit visitor with an earthy body. We will see the rainbow of emotions, pearls of a lifetime, I made while you guided me from above through this life. We will laugh and cry knowing never to be separated again. I promise to do my very best so that there will be more laughs and positive vibrations than in the past. I still learn to live without you and all the other wonderful souls I dearly miss. Never will I forget the pain when you left me. This memory encourages me to help the souls on both sides of existence to get into contact and comfort the  pain of the grieving earthly souls. I know how they feel – alone and disconnected from the light.

There are those Special days I miss you most and think how you would be today. I miss your laugh, your funny thoughts, your soft hands and you embracing me when I am feeling down. But now there are those soul friends sensing how I feel on those special days who make me smile and feeling loved showing me —- I am not alone anymore!

Thank you, soul friends for being part in this time of my life and helping me to feel whole again on most days!

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